Modern technology of plastics injection

and production automation
Currently Podniku MAPRO SLOVAKIA, s.r.o. bola za hospodárske výsledky roku 2016 udelená Pečať bonity
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About us MAPRO company was establishhed in 1991 and their main scope of business are deliveries of plastics injection molding technology

MAPRO, including the sister plants in Slovakia and in Poland, má 2.600 m2 kancelářských, skladových, výrobních ploch a učeben.

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On the Czech and Slovak market we represent
On the Czech and Slovak market we represent brands Haitian and Zhafir belonging to companies Haitian International Holding Ltd. and TecnoMatic

Haitian makes injection machines for more than 50 years - its share on the global market is increasing, and their today's production reaches approx. 30% of world's injection molding machines production.

We are working with Italian company TecnoMatic on supplies of robots for the automation of our customers’ productions.

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