MAPRO was established in 1991 MAPRO was established in 1991 and their main business is supplies of technologies for injection of plastics and automation of production/industry.

MAPRO has, together with their sister plants in Poland and Slovakia, over 2.600 m2 of office, warehouse and production floor

Our own technological background
  • Injection molding machines for plastics Zhafir and Haitian
  • Net of maintenance centers covering the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland
  • Certified training programs in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland
  • Automation

History of the company
2015 preparation of the expansion of production at MAPRO SK
2014 the export of automation reached tenths of Million Czech Crowns
2014 Zhafir-Ebersmanndorf Open day
2013 preparation and introduction of the new model line of the pressing machines on the market
2012 Director of the company
2011 foundation of the sister plant in Poland
2010 end of the Sumimoto – MAPRO cooperation
2009 split of the Demag business division by former employees
2009 engaged in the development of the Educational system for manufacturing of plastics – program Leonardo
2009 takeover of the sole representation of companies Haitian and Venus in the Czech Republic and Slovakia
2008 set up of business division for Demag Ergotech
2008 test (pilot) of new version of system Magnet
2008 finished construction of new MAPRA location
2008 beginning of cooperation with company Haitian
2008 deep crisis of Demag Ergotech
2007 initiation of the development of the first version of the system for monitoring of the operation of the injection molding machines Manet
2007 accreditation of training programs ČMS and SMŠ
2006 center of automation was established
2005 new MAPRO buiding opened in Slovakia
2004 MAPRO was appraised as the world’s best Demag representative
2001 sister plant built in Slovakia
2000 Opening of the first MAPRO building
1993 took over the representation of the company Mannesmann Demag Kunststofftechnik
1991 MAPRO Ltd. was established
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