Visual checking AVALON

MoldWatcher good collaborate with 6 axis and 3 axis robots


Use for checking:

  • Position of ejector
  • Establishment of insert
  • Position of insert
  • Taking pressed part away
  • The quality of inserts included transparent materials

Camera protection of form

Prevention against interruption of operation

In case of horizontal IMMsystem MoldWatcher is automatically checking insert, the quality of pressed parts, the emptiness of the form, the core.

In case of vertical IMM system checks if all inserts are placed correctly before pressing. After sliding the pressed part out they are checking if all parts left upper form.

The Connection of system through Euromap 67

User settings is running under Microsoft Windows

The main advantage
  • Communication through Euromap 67
  • Easy installation of camera
  • Patented IR lighting
  • Quick setting new form
  • It is determinate for using in industry environment
  • Up to 8 cameras on each system
  • Immediately visible deviation
  • Resolution of cameras 5 Mpx and 1,3 Mpx
  • The connection to the wifi
How camera protection of form is working
The checking of the parts before taking away By checking of all part’s presence on moveable board B camera detects, that no parts has left on board A. Checking the quality of the parts is also possible. If no problem was detected, removing the parts is allowed.

Checking of take away parts If all parts are not presented the IMM will stop. In case wrong parts will be there the IMM will stop. If no problem was detected, removing the parts can continue

Supervising after taking the parts away The removing all parts from B board is checked. The ejector and core can be checked too. If no problem was detected, the cycle keep running. If there is any problem, IMM stops so no demage of form will happen.

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