Injection molding machines

We sell and service the Injecting molding machines brands Haitian and Zhafir. These two brands are produced by Haitian International Holding Ltd. If you have not met this company before here are some interesting data about them (updated in 2014):

  • Founded in 1966
  • 12 production locations reaching the area of 1.200.000 m2
  • 5.100 employees
  • Over 27.000 injection molding machines made and sold to 130 countries accross the world
  • Net of maintenance centers covering the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland
  • Annual turnover $1.2 Billion
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Plně elektrické injection molding machines
Zhafir Venus Serie 400 - 8000 kN Flexible, full-electric solution
  • Full-electric machines
  • The most technology-advanced series
  • Control system from SIGMATEK (Austria)
  • Parallel movements
  • Accuracy level is one level above of hydraulic machines values
  • High quality components
  • Energy cost-saving rates reaching up to 80%
Hybridní injection molding machines
Zhafir Zeres Serie 400 - 13 800 kN Electric machine with hybrid solution for nuclear function
  • Hybrid pole machines
  • Processing unit SIGMATEK Austria
  • Parallel movements
  • Aaccuracy is one level above the hydraulic machines accuracy values
  • High standard equipment
  • Servo-electric engines
Hydraulické injection molding machines
Haitian Mars Serie 600 - 10000 kN Joint clamping
  • Processing system KEBA
  • Equipped with constant gear pump powered by synchronic servo engine with revolution controlling frequency convertor
  • Significant save of electrical energy
  • Extremely silent performance of the hydraulic unit
Haitian Jupiter Serie 4500 – 66000 KN 2-plated clamping
  • Short 2-plated clamping unit with direct hydraulic motion
  • Hydraulic units are equipped with energetically highly efficient combination of gear pump powered with synchronic servo engine with revolution controlling frequency convertor
  • Minute in dimension
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